Paper Art

I use paper pulp as an independent artistic material to create paper objects.
Each paper fibre has its own characteristics. It can be delicate, fine, vulnerable, transparent or tough, strong, rough, wild, opaque.
My favourite fibre is kozo, because it can show all the characteristics named above, depending on the way of treatment. Sometimes I add plant fibres like asparagus, corn leaves, sisal or I combine my paper with wood or metal.
Recently I create large hanging and moving, self-supporting objects.
My affinity to Paper Art is conditioned by the sensuality of the natural material, a fascinating procedure, the direct relation to the element water and the wide range of possibilities to design with the material.
During my studies of art & design at the University of Paderborn I already focussed on Paper Art and learned from Prof. Reese-Heim (München), a paper artist herself. My final examen was about photography on hand made paper.
Since 2003 I offer workshops for kids and adults with my mobile paper workshop.
I am a member of IAPMA, International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists, since 2008.

The Mobile Paper Workshop allows you to

  • familiarise yourself with a variety of fibre materials and basic techniques
  • explore advanced techniques of working with handmade paper
  • gain insight into paper art through slide shows and hands-on experience
  • access all kinds of literature on papermaking
  • devise your own experiments and get advice on more demanding projects
  • improve your skills practical teaching